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Wide-Open Poetry

“I love your wide-open poetry” is what the great poet Pablo Neruda once told Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Ferlinghetti, who believed Neruda to be speaking of a broader group of poets, those of the Beat Generation, responded with “You opened the door.”

How have the words of another opened the door for you?


WordCandy has a bit of a new look, and the peskiest little bugs worked out. Best place on the web for great quotes and stunning photos. Stop by and pick out something sweet to share with a friend–on Facebook, Twitter or by email.

Follow this link for sweet fun:

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Word Candy Wednesday

Nudge someone over the hump of midweek with a little sweetness down at the candy shop.

There’s a space at the WordCandy counter for you right now.
WordCandy Wednesday

WordCandy Wednesday

Even if you’re cutting back on sweets, here’s a little midweek treat for you. (Or any other day of the week.)

This is sweetness that’s meant to share.

If you’re a blogger, check out these great reasons to blog WordCandy. If you’re not, just sidle on up to the candy counter and pick something out.

Delicious images, exquisite quotes.

Too good not to share on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or via email.

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WordCandy Wednesday

Like Turkish Delight

If you’ve ever wondered why I love my work with Tweetspeak so much, this is one big reason why. I work with amazing, creative, fearless folks who conceive brilliant ideas, then coax them all the way through the birth canal to the world.

T. S. Poetry launched a new app today that lets you play with words and gorgeous images that you can share with a friend, or the whole universe (well, at least the universe on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).

Go to WordCandy and sample a little something sweet.

You might even find it sweetly addictive, with zero calories. A little like Turkish Delight, only you won’t have to betray all of Narnia to snitch another piece.

(Note: The app is currently in Beta, so if you find a bug here and there, please report it so we can get it fixed right away. Like, for instance, the intermittent disappearance of the image, which is being feverishly worked on as we speak.)