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The View

By Paul Willingham

It has been said that “Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the television industry. A successful TV series, whether it be a comedy, reality show, police procedural, talent competitions, etc., is soon facing competition from an army of clones and knockoffs. In the 60s it was westerns, today it is talent contests and housewives.

Over the years I’m sure that there have been numerous brain-storming sessions (brain may be giving them too much credit here) by TV program producers and their creative specialists. Close your eyes and imagine that you are hiding behind the flip chart at one of these creative meetings. (more…)

In Sickness and in Health

by Paul Willingham

Bill and Becky Ann met at Purdue University where they both majored in Radio/Television broadcasting. They were married on the 13th of the month and believed that their marriage would not be undone by the superstitious whims of others. They were married for over 62 years. After broadcast gigs, first in Chicago and then at WCCO Radio in the Twin Cities, they struck out on their own and in 1949 successfully launched their own AM radio station.

For the next 20 plus years they successfully competed with and against stations with more broadcast power and were successful with counter-programming to the prevailing Rock and Roll and Top 40 formats of the day.

In the 50s and 60s women in business were rare and the glass ceiling was located somewhere just above the door knob of the corner office. But Becky Ann was a full-time active career partner with Bill as they owned, managed and worked together to build their business.


The King is Coming

The King is Coming

Guest post by Paul Willingham, just in time for the Vikings season opener . . .

The King is Coming

Who’s the king, really?

I read recently of the passing of gospel singer Doug Oldham.  Oldham was a regular on Jerry Falwell’s Old Time Gospel Hour, back in the day before the televangelist scandals dimmed the Klieg lights of many religious broadcasters.  Oldham died July 19 at the age of 79.

Like Roy and Happy Trails, Elvis and Heartbreak Hotel, Kate Smith and God Bless America, and George Beverly Shea and How Great Thou Art, I have always associated Oldham with the song The King is Coming. (more…)